About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals!

About Us

Dinuka Interiors is a leading private agency and we are uniquely specialized in interior constructions, decorations, accessories and providing the best and the most suitable solutions for your need.


Our main objective is to provide you the best, most suitable and affordable solutions for your needs with the highest quality products, constructions and services.


We are empowered with a well-trained team of experts in their own fields and we grantee to deliver your needs beyond your expectations!.


Dinuka Interiors is started by Mr. Dinuka Kanchana in early 2002 as a small aluminum partitioning service and operated around Padukka Reagan. The progress was rapid due to the best quality and the unique designs offered ever since. After 16 years of experience and a vast array of successfully completed projects,  now we are covering most of the interior construction and decoration needs.


Our trusted and guaranteed services led us to the major engineering projects in Sri Lanka such as WTC Colombo, Katunayake International Airport, Colombo Harbor, Commercial Bank, HNB, Jhone keels, Peoples Leasing,  etc…


Friendly and flexible crew, trusted services, on the job and aftercare are well recognized by our clients and recommended for their most intensive projects. We have operated in all parts of Sri Lanka with a huge number of successfully completed projects in every scale.

Top Clients

  • World Trade Center (WTC) Colombo
  • Katunayake International Airport
  • Colombo Harbor
  • Commercial Bank
  • Peoples Bank

  • Hatton National Bank (HNB)
  • Jhone keels
  • Peoples Leasing
  • Mercantile Leasing
  • CINEC Malabe

  • Liberty Plaza Kollupitiya
  • Star Garments
  • Bodiline Garments Horana

Our Services


  • work 24/7 to complete the job.
  • work in all parts of Sri Lanka.
  • provide all the materials needed.
  • respond to your request at any time.
  • provide high quality engineering drawings if needed.
  • make sure to maintain the minimum interference with your other works.
  • deliver the final output beyond your expectations!

Products & ServicesCompleted Projects

Repair and Aftercare

We guarantee all our products and services for the
best quality, durability and reliability!

  • Any repairing due to construction, manufacturing, and material defects are done without any charges.
  • Material defects, discolorations and quality issues are repaired, replaces and reconstructed for free of charge.
  • Any changes in the previous agreed project plans can be negotiated.
  • Warranty period can be changed according to the project types and required material quality and the covering period can be negotiated.

Business Registration Number: WTT02800