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What We Do


Aluminum Partitions with Glass, Full Glass, Fabric, MDF, Plywood, Cladding, Melamine and Gypsum Partitions.
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Aluminum and Glass, Full Glass, Wooden, MDF and Plywood Doors with Single, Double and Sliding Designs.

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Aluminum and Glass, Wooden, Louvered and Fixed Glass Windows with Casement, Fanlight and Sliding Designs.

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Wooden Ceiling, Malaysian Ceiling, I-Panel Ceiling, Gypsum and Aluminum Framed Boarded Ceilings.

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Aluminum and Glass Showcases, Full Glass and Manufactured Boarded Showcases, Shelves and Storage Racks.

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Pantry Cupboards

Aluminum and Glass, Wooden Pantry Cupboards, MDF and Cladding Board Pantry Cupboards with a Number of Modern Styles.

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Electrical Wiring

Single phase and 3 phase wiring, House and commercial wiring, Factory, machinery and industrial wiring.

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Repair & Maintenance

Repairing, Maintenance and Recreating for All Our Products and Services.

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About Dinuka Interiors

Dinuka Interiors is a leading private agency and we are uniquely specialized in interior constructions, decorations, accessories and providing the best and the most suitable solutions for your need. tube wells sri lanka


  • Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel constructions.
  • Constructions using Wood, MDF, Plywood and manufactured materials.
  • Glass works, Fiber and Synthetic construction solutions.

What We Cover

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detailWe operate in a vast range of constructions from simple manufacturing of doors-windows to complete interior solutions.


Our constructions covers partitioning, ceiling and walls, roofing, gypsum boarding, galvanize boarding, glass, fiber and stainless steel solutions for your home, hotel, industry and office premises.

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detailWe cover a great range of interior and exterior decoration solutions for all your requirements.

  • Aluminum frames, decks, hoods and various constructions.
  • Complete ceiling solutions with wood, manufactured boards and aluminum.
  • Wall decorations, partition spaces, glass works and decorations with gypsum boarding.

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detailWe come in handy for your custom needs. Our products cover pantry cupboards solutions, showcases for shopping outlets, racks and shelves for all your business and domestic storing requirements.


We use the best quality wood, MDF boards, manufactured boards, tempered and common glass, all types of aluminum materials, iron, fiber and synthetic polymer for our full range of productions.

Our Mission

Our main objective is to provide you the best, most suitable and affordable solutions for your needs with the highest quality products, constructions and services.

We are empowered with a well-trained team of experts in their own fields and we grantee to deliver your needs beyond your expectations!. tube wells sri lanka

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